The Suit Class

The Suit Class

These are the megacorp reps, gumshoes, merchants, property speculators, colony administrators, preachers, grifters, loan sharks, spies and smugglers. These characters rely on their savvy and social connections to navigate the Solar Colonies and Exoplanets, and are the reason you should never trust anyone who looks too clean.


Strength: 5d10+10
Speed: 5d10+10
Intellect: 3d10+30
Combat: 5d10+10

Choose one: +5 Intellect or +5 Speed


Sanity: 35
Fear: 30
Body: 25
Armor: 25

Increase two different Saves by +5 each

Stress & Panic

Fear Saves made by nearby crewmates have Disadvantage.


Persuasion; Choose two: Art or Archaeology or Computers or Driving or Geology or Linguistics or Mathematics or Piloting or Rimwise or Theology; +3 skill points to spend


Choose any four of the following: binoculars or camping gear or locator or 7 MREs or 6 pain pills or water
filter. You have either a haz suit or vacc suit. Choose any five of these items: field recorder or first aid kit or flare gun or flashlight or long-range comms or mag boots or spare oxygen tank or survey kit. You carry a revolver but tend to keep it out of sight, and have some form of short-range comms. It’s important to look the part, so your clothes are the finest you can afford, if a little dusty on occasion.

Starting money is equal to 2d10 x10 grams of silver; 2d10 x10 bitcoins in an MPH account


The Suit Class

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